Sunday, August 29, 2010

!!!!! Mother of 5 !!!!!

Its been a while since I worked on my blog and I do apologize for that. So many life changes since I last wrote! :) I am now the mother of 5. No longer 4 daughters...... but 4 daughters and a son! Leland Edward Johnson was born on May 4rth 2010. We are overjoyed at the awesome blessing God has bestowed upon us.

I have had a lot of health problems during the pregnancy and after BUT I am overcoming each one of them with the help of The Great Physician. God is amazing! He is always faithful even when I am not. He never forgets even when I have. He is always with me even when I have turned my back to him. To have the perfect love of my heavenly Father is an awesome treasure.

Now as you can imagine there have been many adjustments in the Johnson household since our son made his grand entrance in May. Everyday has been full of smiles and tears of joy and generous portions of  laughter. A much needed and anticipated season of pure joy came into each one of our lives with Leland's birth. We are all in awe of the peace and joy of God that surrounds him.