Monday, March 19, 2012

Deliverance Is Ours

Some times in our lives when we find ourselves trapped in a situation and we just cant see or even dream of a way out. God has placed a gift within me, a gift of feeling others pain. A discernment for those who are going through something, especially those who may be caught in an addiction. This is an area where the enemy has so very many people deceived.

Over the coarse of several years I found myself addicted to pain pills. These were opiate based so for someone who has struggled with depression their whole life it seemed to help a lot. In actuality all that it did was bring more harm to me and cause a physical dependance on the drug. I see so many hurting, who are in that endless cycle moving from one addiction to another. Sometimes they get clean and then fall back into the trap of the enemy and find themselves using again. They just cant seem to break the deadly cycle. Much like a spiders web they are entangled in a trap made entirely of lies.

I am here to attest to the absolute fact that whatever you may be struggling with whether it be drugs, alcohol, pornography, or anything else. There IS complete and total healing. There IS most certainly a way out. There IS deliverance for all of those who would call on the name of the Lord! There IS a different life for you... waiting.... just around the corner. It isn’t Gods will for his children to be bound to anything. His perfect will for us is to walk in freedom and healing. Jesus paid the price for our deliverance on the cross. He bore it all upon himself, for me, for you.

When there is pain and hurt on the inside of us, things that we have never dealt with, those things remain. Although we may try and ignore them or push them to the side they can still linger. We as humans have a tendency to self medicate if we are hurting. We may reach for different types of things to satisfy that empty place or quieten that hurt we carry deep within ourselves. We are all different individuals so what one person reaches for may be completely different than the next.

When I think of these things I am reminded of the Casting Crowns song Slow Fade. That is usually how the enemy comes in in these types of situations. Slowly, methodically wrapping his invisible coils around us until we realize we have been bound over the coarse of months, years and yes.. sometimes even a lifetime. The good news in all of this is Christ is there to deliver and set you free. He will heal all of you.... down to the core, but we have to ask and be willing to receive it.

When you do come out of whatever you are in the middle of, it will be a complete work. God doesn’t do anything half way. He is an above and beyond what we ask of him God. If we are willing to take his hand and enter in to his healing he will do great and mighty things with us and through us. We come out with an even greater testimony and a sympathetic heart toward others struggling with what we have gained the victory in.

“God works ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his great and mighty purpose.....”

Romans 8:28

*** Angela Jennifer ***

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Faith Building

Sometimes God allows certain impossible situations to enter our lives so that we can exercise our faith. Faith is an amazing thing. Much like the muscle that inhabits our human bodies, our faith needs to be fed and stretched continually in order to strengthen and grow. This exercising of faith is usually pretty uncomfortable to our flesh. 

Every man is given a measure of faith. What is easy for you to believe God for may be excruciatingly hard for another. That's why every ones struggles are different ,our walk in Christ is an individual one. God can and will make a way out of even the most painful trials and will hold your hand through the darkest night. 

Trusting in him when you are facing your own personal Mount Everest is an exercise in faith. It is also a choice, day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Rest assured there will come a time when you look back at that mountain and say "wow i made it over!" "God was faithful and he made a way when there WAS NO WAY!" You will also find yourself walking away from it with an increased amount of faith to see you through future mountains and valleys. 

God also gives us these victories as part of our personal testimony to help and encourage others who cross our path. How could I effectively encourage and minister to someone who is going through a specific hardship if I hadn't been through the same thing? The words of life we are allowed to breathe into our brother or sister in Christ is both an honor and blessing to the receiver and giver. As we watch others come out of the fiery furnace un cinged by the flames we find that our faith has once again reached a new level. 

God has proven himself to me over and over again. He has given me many victories and helped me to overcome impossible odds time and time again. Not every victory came in the way I would have liked or when I would have preffered.... but it came. With each struggle.... with every victory I have come to know my savior in a new and wonderful way. I am humbled by the glory of all that He is ..... O how we loves us!

Shortly I will begin blogging about some of the things God has brought me through and things he is guiding me through now!

*** Angela Jennifer ***