Saturday, March 12, 2011

Walking Through The Open Doors

As doors begin opening time and time again for me, I cant help but to walk through them ever so carefully. I am amazed every single day at all of the work God is doing in my life.
He opens the doors and my job is to walk through them......walk through... just walk through. Sounds easy huh? Its actually an act of faith, walking through each of those open doors. 

Have you ever prayed for something so long and hard that when you see that prayer answered and becoming a reality, you actually find yourself cringing in fear and disbelief? It sounds so silly, but, it happens!

The Enemy would like nothing more than to achieve his goal, which is to keep me from walking through those open doors. Because for me it IS an act of faith. 

God says it is impossible to please him with out faith. So in spite of my fears and insecurities I have to continue to walk... by faith.

If God opened the doors ,surely he will help me to make it to the other side victorious? I'm more than a conqueror through him …. so yes ...YES and AMEN!

Angela Jennifer