Friday, October 22, 2010

Changes (update)

As many of you know we were blessed with a son on May 4rth 2010. Our one and only son, Leland Edward Johnson.
Thinking back on the day I was in labor with him, I remember being overcome with many emotions. Happiness that our son was about to make his grand entrance into this world, Relief in knowing I would feel so much better physically once he was born, Sadness in  knowing that this would be the last time I would ever be at the hospital delivering a newborn baby. I could go on and on but the best word to describe the feeling is bittersweet. With the arrival of little Leland there have been many changes in our lives. All four of Leland's sisters are absolutely in love with their baby brother! God has blessed us with the most wonderful and beautiful baby boy who was sent to complete our family. Every day we are all showered with grins and giggles and lots of slobbery sugars! :) 

Not long after Leland's arrival we were blessed with a home and 6 acres of land in Bullard. We have been looking for a home to buy for several years and nothing seemed to work out no matter how hard we tried. When God decided to show us what he had for us everything just fell perfectly into place. Our home in the country is just perfect for us! We are overjoyed to finally be given the blessing of a wonderful house. No mortgage or rent , paid for in full.
Our home is indeed... Home Sweet Home! 

The next big event was a hysterectomy for me about a week ago. Once again God was so good and merciful to me as I was completely out of pain a day or two after surgery. I was afraid that I would wake up and be devastated at the finality of knowing that a big chapter of our lives was over and done. I must say that there was no such sadness. I have been flooded with peace and joy. God in his infinite goodness, love and mercy has guided me sweetly and gently through all of the recent changes in my life, great and small. Holding my hand and whispering peace into my ear. Touching me with his healing hand. Filling me with assurance and hope. Fulfilling all of his promises in his own perfect timing. Thank you Jesus..... :)

*** Angela Jennifer **