Monday, November 30, 2009

My Daily Bread

You open your hand and release daily bread to your child.
Though my needs are many, you meet them all ... 
in your perfect way, in your perfect time.

Days pass when i hear not your sweet voice or feel your hand upon me, 
Even so, your tender hand delivers my daily bread faithfully. 

I am as an infant, helpless in this world in so many ways.
As a doting Father, you cherish me...provider of my daily bread.... from the breaking of the dawn,
until the sun sets on another day.

*** Angela Jennifer ***

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alone but for One

Alone but for One. I stand and call out, as the echo only returns to me, time and time again.
You and I are in this place together although you will not reveal your self.
I still feel you and catch a faint whisper from time to time.
Will you ever reveal yourself and shine the light to lead me out? 
More waiting...more questions...
I feel that the light will surely blind me if I were to leave the darkness of this place. 
It seems although I detest it, its all I have known for so long. 
For Mercy and Deliverance I pray. 
The hope of these fuels me, as my daily bread. 
I would have perished in my misery long ago without them. 
Sustaining me, nourishing my soul to live and not die. 
Alone but for One.... feeding me Hope as a mother feeds her child. 

*** Angela Jennifer ***