Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Curly Hair Product Review

In my earlier article (Curly Hair Trick That Works) I mentioned a product for curly hair that I had recently discovered. So I wanted to take the time to elaborate on that in this blog.

I wish I could add up all of the money that I have spent over the years trying out hair products for my unruly locks. Mouses, hair gels, creams, oils the list goes on and on. I must say if anything my search has been vigilant.

A few weeks ago I came across PureShine Curls Lotion at Walgreens and thought I would give it a try. I was actually rolling my eyes as I tossed it into my cart. "defines, defrizzes and promotes shine in wavy/curly hair" yeah yeah.... I had heard or I should say, seen it written before on the many products I have tried in the past. I had always found myself unimpressed and even more aggravated than I had been before making my purchase.

I don't even think I tried the PureShine for several days after I got it home, but when I finally did..... I believe I heard a moment of angelic singing. :)

The product: Pureshine Curls Lotion

Price: approx 6.00 per bottle

I know its called lotion but its resemblance is closer to that of a gel type consistency. Although, it doesn't have the amount of stickiness that comes with an average hair gel. It has a nice (non overpowering) fragrance. Simple and clean. 

How to use PureShine Curls Lotion:

I recommend applying it onto a damp or wet head of hair. Apply it evenly to your hair roots to tips. You will have to play around with the amount that suits you but with this product I really don't think you can use too much.  Comb it through for a more even distribution. Next, air dry or blow dry with a diffuser and be prepared to be dazzled! 

This product does what it says it does, plain and simple. It defines your curls/waves, tames frizz and adds a TON of shine to your mane. PureShine does NOT weigh your hair down and leaves it feeling VERY soft (not crunchy). I LOVE IT! Thank you Jesus! :)

I was so impressed with the Curls Lotion that I went back to look for more PureShine products. I found and purchased,

PureShine Spray It Curly

Price: approx 4.00 per bottle

This is a non sticky, light weight curl activating spray that can be added along with the Curls Lotion. 

How to use PureShine Spray It Curly:

This spray goes great with the Curls Lotion. It can also be used alone. I use it after I have applied the Curls Lotion and my hair is completely dry. Spray it evenly through your hair and scrunch it. The Curls Spray rejuvenates your locks for longer lasting Curls/Waves. Its also great to spritz your hair with to revive your curls during the day. I really love this spray!
I am overall very impressed with the PureShine line of hair products and their prices are very affordable which is ALWAYS a plus! I also did a google search on PureShine and found their are also thickening, straitening and mouses in their hair care line. For those without curly/wavy hair. 

The picture provided below is one of me and my hair after using Curls Lotion and Spray It Curly. As you can see extra shiny,soft and uniformed curls!

***Angela Jennifer***


  1. These have been my "go to" products for awhile now. I live in constant fear of them being discontinued!