Saturday, August 10, 2013

Butterfly Book Club on Facebook

For those of you who enjoy reading I would like to invite you to come by my Butterfly Book Club Facebook Group. click here to be directed there! Its an open group so if your on Facebook come on by and join the page. We just began our first book... Battlefield Of The Mind by Joyce Meyer. I am breaking each book up into a group of chapters (usually 5 or so) we all read in a weeks time. I like to go slowly so everyone has plenty of time to read the chapters and wont feel rushed. At the end of the week (Thursday) we all begin discussing the chapters we read for the week on the group page.  You can even join the group and only participate in reading the books you are interested in as they come up. Its been a lot of fun reading as a group and Id love to see you there! 

*** Angela Jennifer ***

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